Abortion Alternatives Prior Lake, MN

Every year, many women in the Prior Lake, MN struggle with the decisions surrounding an unexpected pregnancy. The pressure is not only internal—outside circumstances often adds confusion and pressure to the situation. Knowing where to call for abortion alternative information isn’t always easy. Her Choice, MN has made offering abortion alternative education their business. Part of the National Post-Abortion Awareness Campaign, Her Choice, MN is the leader in resource lines offering anonymous information to people struggling with a decision about abortion.

Her Choice, MN wants to raise awareness in the Prior Lake, MN about the trauma of abortion for women and men and the abortion alternatives available to those that think abortion is the only answer for an “unwanted” pregnancy. Sharing the stories from real people, with real stories about side effects and consequences of abortion can make a difference to the person struggling with what to do where to go for abortion help.

Abortion is not just a simple medical procedure. For many women, it is a life changing event with significant physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences. Most women who struggle with past abortions say that they wish they had been told all of the facts about abortion, that’s what Her Choice, MN is for.

Some of the benefits of calling Her Choice, MN offer:

  • Safe place for a woman to get information on this life-changing event
  • A point of view that is not seeing the pregnancy as a “crisis” where the only way out is abortion
  • For those who are unsure about what to do and need information
  • For those who have had an abortion and need post-abortion support

For pregnancy advising and abortion alternatives help, please call The Metro Women’s Center @ 763-533-8642.

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Abortion Center Prior Lake, MN

Her Choice, MN is not an abortion center, but a place in Prior Lake, MN to offer options that are not abortion. The hope is to reach those in the Prior Lake, MN searching for abortion help and abortion information by making it accessible and anonymous simply by dialing 952-461-4000. Her Choice, MN offers quality and privacy through short, FREE, pre-recorded, personal abortion related testimonials that are short and powerful. Each message offers additional help-line numbers after each talk.

Her Choice, MN helps give a voice to post-abortive women and men in a way that is anonymous, free, and available 24-Hours to share their message directly with someone considering it themselves.

One call to Her Choice, MN offers:

  • Support to those considering abortion
  • Abortion information and facts
  • Abortion alternative counseling
  • Abortion related talks and stories
  • Men’s abortion experiences
  • Stories from those who have had an abortion
  • Referrals for adoption
  • Stories from those who chose to keep their babies
  • Women’s center information

Often times women do not get the information about the post-abortion trauma that is often with women and men who have gone to an abortion center, by allowing men and women who have experienced abortion share their stories you will get a complete picture of what follows in the days, months, and years that follow a visit to an abortion center.

Make the call; be educated, for yourself and your unborn baby. Her Choice, MN at 952-461-4000.

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Crisis Pregnancy Prior Lake, MN

Her Choice, MN is not an abortion center in the Prior Lake, MN but it is an opportunity for anyone experiencing a crisis pregnancy to hear pre-recorded stories of women and men who have been impacted by the trauma of abortion. We are here to offer crisis pregnancy help to our community in a manner that is respectful and anonymous and available anytime. We understand how tough this time in your life can be, and we want to offer positive, life-affirming assistance.

A crisis pregnancy is a planned or unplanned pregnancy that has become a serious problem for the mother due to any number of factors. The choice to have an abortion is often made in a fearful, highly emotional time by people that may have made a different choice with more information.

Her Choice, MN also has information for men, abortion facts and related talks to offer alternatives to abortion. Her Choice, MN connects people who want to share their experiences with crisis pregnancy with those who need guidance. Sometimes listening to someone talk about their own abortion experience can be just the information needed to make an informed decision. Our goal with Her Choice, MN is to offer truthful information and tangible assistance to women and their families who are facing a crisis pregnancy in Prior Lake, MN.

When you call 952-461-4000 you will hear a greeting and be directed to pick the option that most appeals to your needs, you can listen to as many as you want and you will hear pre-recorded personal abortion experiences of both women and men.

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Teen Pregnancy Help Prior Lake, MN

Parenthood is the leading reason that teen girls in Prior Lake, MN drop out of school. Teens may choose to have an abortion because they have concerns about how having a baby would derail important personal goals or they worry about the financial responsibilities associated with parenthood; or they feel that they are not mature enough to become a parent.

Her Choice, MN is there with information on abortion alternatives, through a free, 24-hour, anonymous help line offering messages of hope and information about resources from people who have had abortions or those who have chosen to keep their babies.

Calling Her Choice, MN for more information you can get referrals for places that can assist you with:

  • Telling your parents
  • Telling the baby’s father
  • Classes on parenting
  • Information on financial resources
  • Learning more about the medical aspects of abortion
  • Adoption resources

If you need teen pregnancy help and don’t know where to go, dial 952-461-4000 and hear pre-recorded testimonies of other teens that have faced teen pregnancy and want you to learn from their choices.

Her Choice, MN is not an abortion center, they cannot offer medical advice, they are a non-profit organization, part of the National Post-Abortion Awareness Campaign and their mission is to make sure pregnant teens get accurate information and have support throughout their pregnancy. They want teens to hear what abortion is like from someone who has lived through it and wants to help prevent teen pregnancy.

Teen Pregnancy