About Us

Her Choice, MN believes that anyone in the Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN facing a crisis pregnancy needs information. Approximately, 1 of every 4 adult women in America has had an abortion. Her Choice, MN is a grass roots effort that wants to educate people on abortion alternatives. Her Choice, MN, A National Post- Abortion Awareness Campaign wants to offer any of the 25 million post-abortive women a forum to tell their story and raise awareness of the long term impact of abortion.

Her Choice, MN is simple in what it offers, a free, anonymous telephone service, available 24-Hours a day, and 365 days a year for anyone struggling with what to do about an unwanted pregnancy. It works by providing a woman or man considering abortion with pre-recorded messages shared by people that have faced the abortion question themselves.

We want to raise awareness in the Twin Cities Metro area about the trauma of abortion for women and men and the abortion alternatives available to those that think abortion is the answer for an “unwanted” pregnancy. Sharing the stories from real people, with real stories about side effects and consequences of abortion can make a difference to the person struggling with what to do.

Alternative abortion counseling, support, assistance and referrals for adoption are some of the benefits to making the free call to 952-461-4000.

Her Choice, MN offers free support, information and facts when those facing a crisis pregnancy need help the most, not just during regular business hours.

About Us